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Sanford Cancer - For all the Victories You Seek Patient Stories

A Family Affair

Peggy Ullrich was diagnosed with breast cancer one day before her daughter Becky Kaiser was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This mother daughter pair is now battling cancer together at the Roger Maris Cancer Center in Fargo, N.D.

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Each Day A Gift

Every sunrise and sunset is a moment to be savored, says 97-year-old Paula Fremd, who was successfully treated for oral cancer three years ago.

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An Informed Choice

Johna Kern knew that three generations of women in her family had faced ovarian and breast cancer and she’d always wondered when she would face the disease. She had choices to make and Edith Sanford Breast Specialty Clinic gave her the knowledge she needed.

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Beyond Survival

After Nancy Callender’s treatment for breast cancer was done, she knew she was supposed to celebrate, but instead she felt like she was “free falling.” How would embrace Cancer Survivorship Clinic help her make a transition to a good life after cancer?

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From Surviving to Thriving

Kristin Erickson knew how to be a fighter. Sanford’s Roger Maris Cancer Center was the team that took her from her diagnosis of breast cancer to a life as a survivor.

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The Game of Her Life

Diagnosed with cancer at age 19, basketball standout Hannah Linz refused to let it block her. See how strength, determination and support make a difference on the court -- and off.

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Looking Deeper

Tanya Kimball never imagined her unusual eye symptoms would lead to the diagnosis of a rare cancer. A Sanford optometrist discovered it, triggering a chain of lifesaving care.

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A Striking Difference

Faced with inoperable cancer spread to the brain, Lola Martinson needed a powerful, precise treatment. She turned to Sanford Cancer, the leader in radiosurgery, with nine years of experience and more than 1,000 procedures

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Running His Race

Before his diagnosis of throat cancer, Michael Kelly planned his day around the time when he laced up his shoes and hit the trail. Learn how Sanford helped heal his cancer and get him back into his running shoes.

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A Time and Place for Celebration

As part of a large, closely knit family, Marsha Stensland loved to host big family get-togethers at her acreage along the river. After her journey through treatment for a rare form of oral cancer, her family gathers to celebrate her life.

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