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Come to Sanford Ophthalmology for total eye care. Our services go beyond eye exams to diagnose and treat eye conditions. We provide both surgical and non-surgical treatment options depending on your eye disease. Put life back into focus with our ophthalmology services.

Ophthalmologists differ from optometrists and opticians in providing comprehensive eye care. Optometrists can detect eye conditions or injuries, but refer patients to ophthalmologists for treatment.

We will work with you to battle vision-threatening conditions. Our ophthalmologists are dedicated to stopping and reversing vision reduction. If you need surgery, you can get long-lasting results from our eye surgeons. We also work to increase your comfort during and after surgery. Using advanced technology and surgical techniques, you’ll have a quick recovery and see vision changes in no time.


More than Eye Exams

Sanford Health ophthalmologists are surgeons with specialized training in the latest eye care and eye surgery techniques. 

We offer:

  • Cataract, retina, glaucoma and eyelid surgery
  • Diabetic eye and macular degeneration treatment (including eye injections)
  • Diagnosing and treating a variety of eye disorders such as glaucoma and cataracts
  • Pediatric eye care and general ophthalmology
  • Performing complex eye surgery such as corneal implants and transplants and retinal surgery
  • Prescribing glasses or contact lenses

See the world more clearly with help from a Sanford Health ophthalmologist. We have complete eye care services to correct your eye disease medically or through surgery.


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Turn to an ophthalmologist for comprehensive eye care. Schedule an appointment today to see better tomorrow. 

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Sanford Health has locations around the Upper Midwest to help you battle vision-reducing conditions or injuries. Look for a clinic near you.

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LASIK Eye Surgery Specialists

Sanford Ophthalmology is proud to offer LASIK eye surgery in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We’re here to help you see everything you want to see. With the help of our laser eye surgeons, you may no longer depend on glasses or contacts and their daily annoyances. Wake up to clearer vision every day with LASIK surgery. 

If you get the surgery at Sanford Health, you’ll benefit from our personalized approach to eye care. We tailor your treatment to your personal and medical background to find the vision correction surgery that’s right for you. Instead of seeing your LASIK surgeon only on the day of the operation, your Sanford Health surgeon will meet with you multiple times before surgery to build a relationship. Meet Sanford Health’s LASIK eye surgeon.

LASIK eye surgery is a safe procedure that you will recover from quickly. Most patients go back to work within a day or two of the operation. After the surgery, you’ll see results within a few days and your vision will continue to improve over time.

Just as your Sanford Health ophthalmologist worked with you before the surgery, you can expect your surgeon to follow up afterward as well. There will be check-ins a day, a week and a month after surgery to check your vision progress.

Call us for a consultation at (605) 328-9200. Learn more about LASIK eye surgery

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