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Visit Sanford Health for fashionable, affordable glasses and lenses for your whole family. Our optical stores have the latest styles for children, adolescents and adults that look great and help you see better.

Our trained opticians will help you find the glasses that best flatter your face. We’re dedicated to finding the frames that fit your personality and style.


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Get glasses that fit your needs. Sanford Health eye care clinics have the affordable lenses you need in the styles you want. Meet with an expert optician to find the right glasses for your vision care needs.

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An Optical Store for the Whole Family

We serve clients of all ages to fit them with stylish eyeglasses. Our opticians also help teach you what contact lenses would be right for you and how to use them. We have fun frames, colorful frames, professional looks, rimless glasses, cat eye frames and more.

Finding the perfect frames is what our opticians do best. They're trained to fill prescriptions written by optometrists and ophthalmologists. Their services focus on helping you find glasses or contacts that you’ll love. They can also replace or repair broken frames. Call an optician now if you need new glasses, want to try contacts or if you need a broken pair of glasses fixed. Need an eye test? Find an optometrist.


Specialized Lenses

See what you’ve been missing with help from Sanford Health. Our glasses can solve a variety of problems. You’ll regain the ability to see objects from afar or up close, depending on your vision issues. Getting glasses or contacts can also help reduce eye fatigue, headaches, seeing “halos,” blurry vision, night blindness and other vision difficulties. If you’re in the majority of Americans who need vision correction, you’ll be in good hands with your Sanford Health optician.

We offer specialized glasses or contacts that can fit everyone’s needs, including:

  • Bioptics: People who are visually impaired can’t do activities (such as driving) that others take for granted. Bioptics are vision-enhancement lenses that help people see far away objects through magnification. They can empower those who are visually impaired.
  • Difficult fits: Sanford Health has options if you have trouble finding glasses that fit your head size or face shape.
  • High power glasses: We provide high power reading glasses or conventional glasses to help with serious vision problems.
  • Low vision: Those with low vision aren’t out of options. Low vision is vision loss that can’t be fixed medically or surgically. We offer specialized devices to help you live with low vision.
  • Prism optical glasses: Find relief from double vision. Prism correction in eyeglasses uses a prism to bends light in a way to ensure that your brain sees only one, clear image.
  • Specialty lenses: For individuals with unique eye problems, try lenses that are specialized to address your vision issues. We’ll customize lenses to correct eye diseases, help with dry eye, give you sharper vision and more.
  • Specialty prescriptions: Sanford Health offers transition lenses, bifocals, UV blocking technology, polarized lenses and more.
  • Sportswear: Don’t let glasses slow you down on the field. Come to Sanford Health for prescription sports glasses that you can safely wear even when playing high-impact sports.
  • Sunglasses: Get stylish prescription sunglasses so you can be comfortable outside or while driving.

Find the vision correction that’s right for you. Shop at Sanford Health’s optical stores for complete eye care.

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