Full-Service Medical Labs

Sanford Laboratories is a network of over 80 CLIA-certified laboratories that provides comprehensive testing services to patients in even the most rural areas throughout the Upper Midwest. We are committed to providing you with convenient, accurate and timely results so you can make informed decisions about your health. 

Your doctor may order a lab test to confirm a diagnosis, find the cause of your symptoms or help prevent future illness. The results of your test will help your doctor make a diagnosis and could directly impact your treatment plan. 

Our testing sites are focused on your comfort and we are conscious of wait time and consider your busy schedule. We specialize in collecting samples efficiently making sure your experience is as painless and fast as possible. 

We offer easy specimen collection and drop-off services as well as comfortable accommodations for patients undergoing tests that require extended wait times. 

Types of Testing We Offer

Our highly skilled laboratory scientists use state-of-the-art instrumentation to offer a wide range of tests to help you diagnose, monitor and manage your health. You’ll be tested close to home and get your results back fast.

We specialize in routine and STAT testing, by specialists in areas such as, chemistry, hematology, infectious disease, toxicology, anatomic pathology and many more. 

Direct Access Testing

Sanford Laboratories offers direct access testing, also known as walk-in lab testing. This means you can request and pay for certain tests without a doctor’s order. Direct access testing is a convenient and affordable way to monitor your health and manage ongoing health risks.

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