Getting You the Right Diagnosis

Sanford Pathology has specialists you can trust for accurate and prompt diagnoses. Our pathologists work closely with doctors and other specialists to get patients the correct diagnoses and individualized treatments.

Pathologists specialize in studying and diagnosing diseases. Their work helps your provider create personalized treatment plans for your health condition. As a vital part of your care team, your pathologist will help you get the best care possible.


Experts in Lab Work

When you take a lab test, the sample goes to a pathologist for analysis. The pathologist will study the specimen and write up a pathology report for your provider. These reports include diagnoses and detailed descriptions of what the pathologist learned from the samples. Your provider will use this information to create an individualized care plan.

Our pathologists work with a variety of tests and procedures. Browse a full list of lab tests and learn everything you need to know before giving a sample. Talk to your doctor to see what tests are available in your area.

At Sanford Health, you’ll also have access to cytopathologists. These specialists study disease on a cellular level. They work with small amounts of cells, fluids or tissues to diagnose diseases and most commonly work to diagnose cancers.


Convenient Pathology Services

Our Sanford Laboratories’ Patient Service Center offers convenient locations where you can get lab tests done in a private, comfortable setting. We’ll take quality specimens as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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