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Your blood does important work that can be disrupted by blood diseases. Blood transports vital nutrients and oxygen around your body and carries away waste products and carbon dioxide from your cells. Overall, your blood serves as a transport system for the entire body.

Blood diseases, disorders and cancers prevent the circulatory system from doing its job. When a blood disease affects your health, turn to the specialists at Sanford Hematology. We provide the compassionate care and expert treatments you need when you are diagnosed with a blood disorder, including bone marrow transplant.


Comprehensive Leukemia Care

Most cancers occur when abnormal cells grow out of control. With leukemia, the disease starts in the bone marrow, where blood cells are made. The bone marrow then makes abnormal blood cells that crowd out healthy cells.

There are acute and chronic types of leukemia. Acute leukemia grows very fast and needs immediate treatment. Chronic leukemia is slow-growing, and patients can choose to delay treatment. Learn more about the types of leukemia.

At Sanford Hematology, you’ll work with hematology and oncology experts to create a personalized care plan for your blood disease. Your treatment options include different therapies that will target leukemia cells while leaving healthy cells alone. Throughout your treatments, your care team will provide the latest cancer care. They will always be there with support and encouragement.  

See our pediatric leukemia services.


Anemia Diagnosis & Treatments

Anemia is a condition where the body isn’t producing as many red blood cells as it needs or where the blood has a low level of hemoglobin. Without enough red blood cells and hemoglobin, your body won’t get enough oxygen.

There are several conditions that can cause anemia, such as genetic conditions, blood loss, medications and lack of nutrients. You could use diet, nutritional supplements, drugs, blood transfusions or surgery to treat your anemia.

Anemia is also a common complication for pregnant women.


Treating Other Blood Diseases

When you have a condition affecting the blood or bone marrow, Sanford Hematology offers the treatments and support you need. We diagnose, treat and manage a variety of blood disorders. Come to us for care, even if you have a rare blood disease.

Learn more about blood disorders.


Your Care Team

Because blood diseases disrupt how the blood transports nutrients, these diseases can affect several different organs and tissues. Our hematologists collaborate with specialists from across disciplines to provide comprehensive care to adults and children with blood disorders.

You may also work with hematopathologists. These subspecialists examine the organs and tissues that use blood cells in their functions. They study lymph nodes, spleens, thymuses and other lymphoid tissues.

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At Sanford Hematology, you’ll partner with expert specialists working to provide high-quality care. We’re here to help patients struggling with blood diseases.

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