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A medical oncologist specializes in providing medical care to cancer patients. Your oncologist is your main health care provider when you have cancer. If you think of your cancer care doctors as a team, your medical oncologist is the team captain. Learn more about your cancer treatment team.

Your medical oncologist specializes in treating cancer with medicine, including chemotherapy. This doctor works with oncologic surgeons, radiation oncologists, nurses and other specialists.


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Get expert care carefully attuned to your type of cancer and your unique medical needs. You’ll find specialized treatment and emotional support from your medical oncologist.

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Sanford Cancer is Here to Help

Here’s what you can expect from your Sanford Cancer team:

  • Answers to all of your questions
  • Help through all the steps you need to take before, during and after treatment
  • Communication of what tests you need and the results of those tests
  • Guidance in making treatment decisions to help prepare you and your loved ones for what’s ahead
  • Support for coping with the stresses of cancer
  • Personalized diagnosis, treatment and care from detection to survivorship

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