Your Cancer Care Specialists

We’re fighting cancer on your team. At Sanford Cancer Center, you’ll benefit from the latest technology and innovative research. You’ll also find a caring team of experts guiding you from your first treatment to survivorship and beyond.

You’ll have oncologists, nurses and cancer specialists working together to provide the best treatment plan for you. Together, we’re stronger than cancer.

Visit your Sanford cancer care team for:

Cancer screenings: Take steps to detect cancer in its earliest stages – when it may be easier to treat or cure. Sanford Cancer Centers offer screenings for many types of cancer.

Medical oncology: A medical oncologist is your main health care provider when you have cancer. They lead your cancer care team, working with surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists, nurses and other specialists.

Oncologic surgery: Surgery is one of the most common types of cancer treatment, and Sanford oncologic surgeons specialize in treating many types of cancer.

Radiation oncology: Radiation therapy targets tumors to cure or control cancer. Your Sanford oncologist may use radiation alone or in addition to surgery, chemotherapy and other treatments.

Immunotherapy: One way to fight cancer is with your own body’s natural defenses. Sanford oncologists offer immunotherapy to boost your immune system and help it identify and stop cancer cells.

Oncofertility: Cancer treatment can affect your fertility, but it doesn’t have to. Sanford Oncofertility helps you preserve your family planning options before and during cancer treatment, including egg freezing, sperm banking and more.

Cancer survivorship: Your cancer care doesn’t stop with your last treatment. We continue to provide cancer support through survivorship. We can give you, your family and your caregivers the resources you need.

Meet Your Cancer Care Team

You have the opportunity to consult with a team of cancer care specialists about your treatment in a one-stop clinic.

In one visit, you walk away understanding every step and have a better idea about next steps with any of the providers on your team – whether it’s your oncologist or your physical therapist or your social support person.

This helps you get your care done efficiently and have all your questions answered.

Nurse Navigators Help You Find Your Way

Nurse navigators are available to help guide you and your family through your cancer journey. This is a registered nurse who can assist with:

  • Coordinating appointments, care and transportation
  • Guiding you through the health care system
  • Helping to clarify your diagnosis and treatment
  • Offering cancer support services and educational resources
  • Referring you to additional services such as nutrition, social support or financial counseling

Most importantly, your navigator is someone you can turn to for questions and support.

Benefit from Roundtable Cancer Care

Our cancer care team is dedicated to finding the best care plan for you. That’s why we present and discuss patient cases at what’s called a tumor conference.

This conference comprises experts from all aspects of cancer care, including medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists, plastic surgeons, pathologists, researchers and more.

Together, these specialists review your unique case and develop the best cancer treatment for you.

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Find a nearby provider. We provide services in and around Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Fargo, North Dakota; Bismarck, North Dakota; and Bemidji, Minnesota.

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