Live a Healthy Lifestyle

If you have trouble finding and keeping a healthy weight, Sanford Health’s diet and nutrition specialists are here for you. Our team will partner with you to help you reach your ideal weight, either through weight loss or weight gain.

We will evaluate your lifestyle and specific needs to develop an eating plan that works for you. Our specialists will work with you and your needs every step of the way.

Even if you aren’t concerned about your weight, our specialists can still help you live healthier. Many of our patients use nutrition plans to manage health conditions. Meet with our experts to see if you can manage your health issue through diet.

Our Weight Management Services

Sanford Health offers a variety of nutrition services, including:

  • Assessing your health needs and current lifestyle
  • Advising you on nutrition issues and healthy eating habits
  • Developing a healthy eating plan specific to your needs
  • Gauging the effects of meal plans and making adjustments if necessary
  • Motivating and supporting patients to make healthy lifestyle changes
  • Keeping up with the latest nutritional research

Our team is here to partner with you on your weight management journey. We will help you reach your weight goals, adjust to a healthy diet or use nutrition to manage health conditions. Meet with a nutrition specialist today.

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Our experienced team will approach your health care with compassion and nutritional expertise. Look for a doctor in your area or search by specialty.

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