Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy eating is key to finding and keeping a healthy weight. Sanford Health’s dietitians and nutritionists will help you use what you eat to reach your ideal weight.

Our team can help whether you’re interested in weight loss or gain. If you’re not concerned about weight, nutrition plans can help control certain health conditions. Meet with our specialists to learn how to use diet to manage your health.

We’ll evaluate your lifestyle and needs to create an eating plan that works for you.

More Than a Diet

Sanford Health provides personalized, science-backed diet plans. Our focus is on helping you use food and nutrition to lead a healthy lifestyle.

A Sanford Health nutrition specialist will:

  • Assess your health needs and current lifestyle
  • Offer expertise on nutrition issues and healthy eating habits
  • Create an eating plan specific to your needs
  • Motivate and support you to make healthy lifestyle changes
  • Evaluate the success of your meal plans and make adjustments if necessary

We’ll help you reach your weight goals, adjust to a healthy diet or use nutrition as a tool to manage health conditions.

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Our team is ready to partner with you on your weight management journey. Meet with a nutrition specialist to start living healthier.

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