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At Sanford Health, you can choose from a number of breast surgeries. We will help you find the shape you’re looking for, whether you want to enlarge, reduce or reconstruct.

We offer:

Breast implants (Augmentation): We place an implant under your breast or chest muscles. This reshapes or increases the size of your breast. We offer silicone and saline implants. Breast implants help if you are unhappy with the size or appearance of your breasts. If you have small breasts or if they aren't equal shapes, breast implants may be right for you. Patients whose breasts have shrunk after nursing often get breast implants.

Breast lift (Mastopexy): This surgery raises and firms breasts. It removes extra skin and moves the nipple higher to fix sagging breasts.

Breast reconstruction: After removing one or both breasts during cancer treatment, many women choose to rebuild their breasts. It can be done at the same time as cancer surgery or later. There are many ways to reconstruct a breast. You should make a decision with your surgeon on what is best for you. Learn more about mastectomies.

Breast reduction: This removes tissue and skin from the breasts to make them smaller. It is for patients who suffer from back, neck and shoulder pain due to heavy breasts. It can also be cosmetic.

Microvascular breast reduction: This surgery rebuilds your breasts after a mastectomy, or breast removal. Surgeons move the patient's own body tissue to reconstruct the breast. They take fat from the back, belly, thighs, and buttocks. Then, they reconnect the chest's blood veins to the new tissue's veins. It is also called breast fat grafting.  

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