Compassionate Urology Care

Urinary tract disorders and diseases can disrupt your life and hold you back from doing what you love. The expert urologists at Sanford Health are here to help. We provide care in a sensitive environment and work to answer your questions about your condition and treatment options.

Urologists treat urinary tract disorders in men, women and children. These specialists provide care for issues affecting the bladder, ureter and urethra. Sanford Health’s nephrologists handle kidney care.


Comprehensive Care for Urology Disorders

Our urology specialists provide total care for a variety of urinary tract conditions.

Urologists treat conditions like:

Your urology specialist can also perform vasectomies and other procedures.


Advanced Urinary Care

Sanford Health equips urology experts with cutting-edge technologies and treatments. We offer surgical and non-surgical treatment options for certain conditions.

Ask your urology specialist about Sanford Health’s advanced procedures, including:

  • Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL): A treatment for kidney and ureter stones. An experienced surgeon will use shock waves to break up your stones into small pieces that can easily pass.
  • Da Vinci robotic-assisted surgery: By using robotic-assisted surgery, our surgeons work with greater precision and enhanced visualization.
  • UroLift Prostate Implants: A procedure that repairs an enlarged prostate in one office visit. The permanent implant lifts and holds the prostate tissue out of the way, giving you relief from painful symptoms.

Sanford Health offers urology services around the Upper Midwest. Connect with an expert urologist near you to get high-quality, compassionate care close to home.

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