Medicine as Unique as You Are

Sanford Imagenetics helps you manage your health care with the power of your personal genetic code.

Your genes affect your health. They can influence your risk of getting a disease or passing it on to your children. Specific genetic codes can change the way your body reacts to some medications.

A genetic counselor helps you make medical decisions informed by your genetics. Our counselors will teach you about disease inheritance, testing, management and prevention. Contact us to interpret family history, genomics and medical history.

Sanford's clinical geneticists are physicians with specialized genetic training. They diagnose and treat patients with genetic conditions. Consult geneticists for medical genetic services, care plans, procedures and counseling.

We provide genetic counseling to people of all ages. Our pediatric geneticists help families understand the complex issues that can come with an inherited condition.

Learn From Your Genes

Your genetic counselor is a part of your care team. He or she will work with your primary care provider to make sure your genetics inform your future health care.

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