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Take control of your health care with the power of your genes. Learn how your genes affect your health with the genetic services at Sanford Health.


Our Genetic Services

Your genes determine certain traits, such as eye or hair color. They also affect your risk of health problems that can be passed through families. Understanding your genes can help you make more informed health care choices.

Learn more about your genes using our services.

Genetic counseling: These counselors are a member of your care team. They interpret testing results and will help you make medical decisions based on your genes.

Pediatric genetics: We provide genetic testing for children with inherited conditions. These tests show your pediatrician how genes are affecting your child’s health and can guide treatment.

Imagenetics: The Sanford Imagenetics program incorporates genomic medicine and primary care.

Pharmacogenetics: The study of how genes affect your body’s response to certain medicines. Understanding your genes can help your doctor choose medications and dosages that would be the most effective for you.

Veteran testing: Those who have served or are serving can get genetic testing at no cost to the patient.

At Sanford Health, we integrate genes with internal medicine. Your genetic counselor will share your results with your primary care doctor. Get health care and treatments based on a combination of your family history, medical history and genomics.


When to Seek Genetic Counseling

Talk to a genetic counselor if you’re concerned about inherited conditions in your family. You’ll learn about your personal health risks and your risk of having children with possible health issues.

Your test results will also give your doctor special insight into your health needs. Your results can influence which medications your doctor will prescribe and your treatment plan for health problems.


Find a Gene Specialist

Genetic counselors are a part of your care team. They’ll work with your primary care provider to make sure your genes inform your future health care.

Find a Genetic Counselor

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