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Your Guide to Your Genetic Code

Meet with a genetic counselor if you have concerns about how your genes affect your health. Our counselors are here to offer emotional support and help you understand the complexities of your genes. If you have questions about genetic testing, our genetic counselors have the answers.

At Sanford Health, we integrate genetic counseling services with primary care. Your genetic counselor will coordinate with your primary care doctor to make sure your results appropriately impact your health care.

See a genetic counselor if you’re considering genetic testing or if you’re concerned about inherited diseases in your family. Your results will help you make informed decisions about your health.


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Talk with one of our genetics specialists before testing. If you choose to get tested, your counselor will help you understand your test results.

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Specialized Genetic Services

Genetic counseling specialists mainly provide two services. They identify the role genetics play in patient’s health and provide emotional support to patients with inherited disorders.

Genetic counselors can:

  • Assess your personal risk for certain diseases
  • Pinpoint which family members are at risk of inherited diseases
  • Guide patients through the genetic testing process
  • Recommend how to prevent the occurrence or reoccurrence of certain diseases such as cancer or heart disease
  • Offer support and counseling to patients with an inherited condition
  • Help families with an increased chance of having a child with an inherited condition

Our genetic counselors will often specialize in a particular condition or service. We have counselors specializing in cancer, heart disease, fertility and more. Find a genetic counselor specially trained to address your unique health needs.

Always discuss possible genetic testing with a genetic counselor before having a test. Your counselor will address your concerns and provide emotional support when necessary. If a test changes your health plans, your counselor will help you make informed decisions for the future.


Carrier Screening for Prospective Parents

Most people are a carrier for some inherited condition. Carriers are people who don’t have symptoms of a particular disease but could pass the disorder to their children. Genetic testing gives parents the option to screen for specific genetic conditions that could affect their future children.

Carrier testing is a simple process. One or both parents will give a genetic sample, either through blood or saliva, at a clinic. A laboratory will analyze the samples and send in results within two to three weeks. A genetic counselor will then discuss the results with the couple.

Learn more about carrier tests.

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