Speech Therapy

Helping You Find Your Voice

Speech and language disorders can make it challenging to express yourself. Our specialists will help you overcome conditions that affect your ability to swallow or communicate. Be heard with help from the speech, language and swallowing specialists at Sanford Speech Therapy.

We offer personalized care plans designed with the needs of our individual patients in mind. You’ll work one-on-one with your speech-language pathologist to identify the best treatments for your condition and lifestyle.  

All our treatments focus on supporting you and your family throughout your rehabilitation journey. Sanford Speech Therapy offers the care you need in either individual or group therapy sessions.


Specialized Speech Therapy Techniques

Our specialists treat patients of all ages who have conditions that affect their ability to speak or swallow. We offer speech and language therapy, cognitive therapy, memory treatment, pediatric feeding treatment and swallowing evaluations and treatments.

When you need specialized or cutting-edge therapies, we’re here to help. We offer:

  • Aphasia treatment. Your speech-language pathologist will help you practice saying single words and sentences and holding conversations.

  • Aural rehabilitation. Treatments designed to help people with hearing loss preserve their hearing.

  • Dysphagia treatment. We help patients with dysphagia by teaching them special exercises to build up the muscles in their lips and tongue.

  • Head and neck cancer care. We work to protect patients’ speaking and swallowing abilities after they’re diagnosed with head and neck cancer.

  • Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT). LSVT Loud is a four-week speech treatment for patients with Parkinson’s disease.

  • VitalStim therapy. A therapy that delivers small, safe electrical impulses to strengthen swallowing muscles.

Expert Dysphagia Care

If you have dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), get expert care at Sanford Speech Therapy. We diagnose and treat all types of dysphagia, from people with mild issues to those who have entirely lost their ability to swallow.

Dysphagia is painful and even dangerous. Swallowing disorders can keep you from getting the nutrition you need, leaving you vulnerable to illness, malnutrition and dehydration.


Pediatric Speech Therapy

We offer techniques and support to help children with speaking difficulties. Our pediatric patients include those with developmental delays, speech disorders, language issues, stuttering problems and any condition affecting communication.

If you’re worried about your child’s speech and language progress, remember that every child develops differently. There are some general speech and language milestones your child should meet at each age. Talk to a specialist if you have concerns.


Find a Speech-Language Pathologist

Sanford Speech Therapy has specialists across the Upper Midwest. Visit a provider in your area to discuss the right care plan for you.

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Find a clinic near you with speech therapy services. We offer the expertise and support you need to overcome speech and language difficulties.

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