Caring for Your Back and Neck

Back and neck pain can range from irritating to debilitating. There are many causes of back and neck pain, including spinal issues. Your spine runs from your neck (a section called the cervical spine) to your lower back (lumbar spine).

If pain caused by spinal issues is controlling the way you move, contact the spine therapy experts at Sanford Health. Our specialists will work with you to find tailored treatments for your condition. We’ll explore surgical and non-surgical treatments and pain management options.


Treating Your Back and Neck Pain

See a spinal therapy specialist if you have acute or chronic back or neck pain. You’ll work with one of our experts to find solutions that fit your lifestyle and condition.

There are several non-surgical treatments that can improve your pain, including:

If medications and other non-surgical treatments don’t relieve your pain, we’ll discuss your surgical options. You’ll work with leading surgeons using the latest techniques to reach your health goals.

Listen to our podcast on the causes and cures of back and neck pain.


Spinal Conditions We Treat

In addition to back and neck pain, our spine therapy specialists treat a variety of spinal conditions, including:


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If you have a spinal condition or back and neck pain, don’t wait to get help. Our experts are here to help you find relief and move freely.

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