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Expert Medical Care at Home

With Sanford in-home medical services, you can heal in the comfort of your home. We help patients of all ages manage their health needs without hospitalization.

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In-Home Health Care

We serve patients with a wide range of medical needs. Our team can help you:

  • Avoid a hospital visit
  • Manage a disability or condition
  • Receive ongoing treatment
  • Recover from an injury
  • Transition from the hospital to home

Our services focus on supporting you and addressing your unique health needs. We offer:

  • Blood draws, lab tests and INR monitoring
  • Geriatric medicine – care that addresses the needs of older adults
  • Home health accessories and medical equipment
  • Home infusion therapy – treatment for those with chronic diseases
  • Medical social services – help with social and emotional concerns
  • Medication management – assistance with a medication schedule and administration
  • Newborn care – help with feeding, sleep schedules, bathing and other baby care
  • Pediatric care – specialized treatment and support for children, including extended care (up to 20 hours a day)
  • Podiatry – foot care that includes inspecting and cleaning the feet, and trimming nails
  • Rehabilitation therapy – physical, occupational and speech therapy tailored to each patient. Make a referral or call (844) 851-1515
  • Skilled nursing services – assistance with disease and symptom management or recovery from an illness or injury
  • Telemonitoring vitals – remote monitoring of blood pressure, pulse and more 
  • Wound care – treatment for chronic and complex wounds

If you need rehabilitation and therapy care, our team of specialists will help you recover from home with physical, occupational and speech therapy. We offer support and expertise that help you reach your fullest potential.

Your Home Health Team

Our home care specialists provide experienced, knowledgeable care to meet your needs. 

Our team includes:

  • Companions
  • Home health aides
  • Housekeepers
  • Nurses
  • Personal care attendants

Home Care FAQ

What is home care?

Home care means in-home medical care and is often referred to as home health care. Home care services are provided by an experienced, knowledgeable team of specialists who help patients with a wide range of medical needs.

What is home health care?

Home health care is another term for in-home medical care and services.

What is the difference between medical and nonmedical in-home services?

Medical in-home services include medication management, rehabilitation services, social work, wound care and other medical treatments. Your doctor will typically order this type of care for you.

Nonmedical in-home services include meal preparation, medication reminders, light housekeeping and companionship. A home care aide helps with a patient’s daily needs and can be hired privately or through an agency.

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Who qualifies for home care services?

If you’ve experienced one or more of the scenarios below, you may qualify for home care services:

  • Trouble leaving your house or the inability to leave AND you have a new medical diagnosis, such as congestive heart failure or diabetes
  • A change in your condition or worsening of symptoms
  • A new medication that you are unfamiliar with and need help managing
  • Recent hospitalization or discharge from a skilled nursing center

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Do I need a referral?

Yes, but we can help. Ask your medical provider for a referral or contact your local Sanford in-home medical agency.

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Does Medicare cover in-home medical services?

Medicare covers in-home medical services at 100% when certain conditions are met and care is prescribed by a physician. Read more

Payment options:

  • Long-term care insurance only covers home care if it’s part of your existing plan
  • Medicare Advantage programs and most private insurance plans cover home health care but may require a copay
  • VA benefits cover home health care
  • Private pay if you don’t have insurance coverage or for nonmedical in-home services

Learn more about the senior care and services Medicare covers.

Who needs in-home medical services?

In-home medical services benefit those who are at risk of falling, need support due to recent injuries or have a chronic medical condition.

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