Sanford Canby Home Care

Sanford Canby Home Care

Sanford Canby Home Care is a team of experienced, dedicated staff here to help you stay in your home and still receive expert medical care. We provide a wide range of services to the community including:

  • Skilled nursing services: Physical assessments, wound care, administering medications, and education for medication and disease management
  • Home health aides: Assist with personal care, exercises and meal preparation
  • Daily living activities: Assist with light housekeeping, errands and laundry
  • Respite care: Provides a temporary break for caregivers
  • Lifeline services: Emergency response system
  • Medication set up: Low-cost visits to set up your medications in a planner or schedule
  • Telehome monitor: Blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation, and weight is monitored from a distance, allowing patients to remain at home.

The team at Sanford Canby Home Care works closely with patients and their physicians to ensure a continuity of care. We are proud to serve not only Canby, but also residents within a 30-mile radius including the Minnesota communities of Porter, Taunton, Minnesota, Saint Leo, Gary, Ivanhoe and Hendricks, and Madison, S.D.