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Diagnostic imaging gives your doctors a clear picture of your health and helps them accurately diagnose and detect medical conditions. When you need a fast and reliable diagnosis, get a diagnostic screening test at Sanford Imaging.

We strive to quickly return imaging results so your doctor can detect illnesses and injuries fast. These results help physicians give you a diagnosis and then design targeted treatment plans unique to your needs. Getting a fast diagnosis means you can start treatment sooner.


Our Imaging Services

When you choose Sanford Health, you’ll have expert specialists using the latest technology on your side. Our technicians and radiologists will work with you to make sure you get the best possible images.

Our imaging specialties and services include:

Your provider will tell you how to prepare for your imaging test. You may need to fast or undergo a special diet in the hours leading up to the exam. Sometimes, you may need to ingest or inject a contrast liquid solution, which helps improve imaging results of internal organs.

If you feel anxious at any part of the exam, tell your technician or radiologist. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible. Please follow your provider’s instructions and remain still during your tests.

Safe, Reliable Testing

At Sanford Imaging, if our tests use radiation, we always use the lowest effective dose. Radiation can be harmful in large doses, but medical tests use small amounts and rarely cause side effects or harm. The benefits of diagnostic tests far outweigh the risks. Talk to your physician if you have concerns. We don’t recommend pregnant women be exposed to any amount of radiation during medical tests.

For our pediatric patients, our imaging tests use child-appropriate doses of radiation. We minimize the amount of radiation that children are exposed to while still getting effective results.

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