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Your child's endocrine system is made up of hormone-producing glands that affect essential functions such as metabolism, growth and sexual development. The endocrine system impacts nearly every organ and cell in a child's body. An imbalance in a child's hormone levels can have serious effects.

If you suspect a hormonal or growth-related disorder in your child, turn to Sanford Children's endocrinology experts. We'll help manage your child's endocrine condition using the most advanced technologies and techniques. Let us keep your child healthy.

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When to See a Pediatric Endocrinologist

Hormonal conditions in children can be challenging to catch. The symptoms can be vague. If you're concerned about your child's health, call your pediatrician for a checkup.

Symptoms of an endocrine disorder include:

  • Unusual growth, such as growing too fast or slow
  • Being underweight or overweight without a clear cause
  • Fruity-smelling breath
  • Early or late puberty
  • Goiters
  • Overactive or underactive glands (thyroid, adrenal or pituitary)
  • Ovarian or testicular issues

These symptoms can be signs of a variety of endocrine system disorders. Diabetes is the most common of these disorders, but there are a variety of other conditions that affect the endocrine system in children. Our specialists can also treat problems affecting specific glands, like the thyroid or adrenal glands.

Pediatric Diabetes Care

Children can have either type 1 or type 2 diabetes, with type 1 being the most common. Diabetes is a condition caused by a lack of insulin or a resistance to insulin, meaning the body can’t breakdown carbohydrates and sugars. Diabetes can impact the eyes, kidneys, nervous system, heart and other organs later in life.

Watch for symptoms such as unquenchable thirst, frequent urination and extreme appetite. Other symptoms include fatigue or unexplained weight loss.

If you think your child may have diabetes, see a pediatric endocrinologist right away. After a diagnosis, your endocrinologist will help you and your child create a management plan.

This plan will include:

  • Regularly checking blood sugar levels
  • Administering insulin as needed
  • Regulating your child’s diet
  • Exercising regularly

Finding a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes

Worldwide, about 70,000 children ages 14 years and younger are developing type 1 diabetes per year. The Sanford Project is focused on driving innovative research to prevent, detect and treat type 1 diabetes. The goal of the project is to find safe and clinically relevant solutions and cures.

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