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The brain is complex. Conditions that affect it can have wide-ranging and often lasting effects. Our neuropsychology team understands the challenges many of these conditions present for you and your family.

They diagnose and treat injuries and illnesses of the brain and nervous system. They also offer the support, comfort and answers you need before and during treatment. 


Who Needs Neuropsychological Testing?

Most patients get a referral to a neuropsychologist from another provider, such as a neurologist or primary care doctor. You might see a neuropsychologist if you have neurological conditions or injuries, including:

You might also see a neuropsychologist if you are experiencing problems with:

  • Confusion

  • Memory loss

  • Personality changes

  • Speech

  • Thinking or concentration


Your Neuropsychology Team

Neuropsychology is an essential part of treating patients with many brain and spine conditions. Our doctors specialize in caring for the particular needs of these patients, whether that’s help with daily functioning, emotional concerns or another need.

We believe you and your loved ones should be involved in decisions about your care. We also work closely with your neurologist to ensure you are receiving the right treatment. Read about neurology at Sanford Health.


Neuropsychological Testing

We do neuropsychological assessments to determine how your brain works and to choose the right treatment plan for you. We also offer ongoing testing for people who have a neurological condition that changes over time. 

A full assessment includes:

  • Talking with you, as well as family members who have concerns

  • Gathering a family health history

  • Looking at any health conditions you may have

  • Reviewing your current medications 

  • Testing to look at your brain function

Tests are usually done with paper and pencil. There is no pass or fail on the tests. You simply do the best you can so we learn more about you. Tests may include:

  • Puzzles

  • Questions and answers

  • Other tasks to check brain function 

You take these tests so we can learn about your cognitive (mental) strengths and weaknesses. They also help us see how a condition may affect you at home, work, school and in other areas of your life.


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Neuropsychological testing can help you and your doctor understand concerns you may have about your brain, memory and more. Find the answers you need with a Sanford Health neuropsychologist near you.

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