Orthopedic Trauma

Expert Orthopedic Care in Emergencies

Sanford Health trauma centers are equipped to treat a variety of orthopedic traumatic injuries.

Common conditions you'll see us for:

  • Broken pelvis, joint fracture or osteoporosis-related fractures
  • Complications from trauma such as broken bones that didn't heal correctly
  • Bone infection or inflammation
  • Bone marrow infection or inflammation
  • Multiple traumatic injuries from an accident, blast or crush incident
  • Arthritis after trauma
  • Joint dislocation

Sanford Orthopedic physicians will quickly examine and treat you for severe skeletal trauma and related complications.

If you have an emergency, call 911.


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We treat a variety of traumatic orthopedic injuries. Our physicians offer expert treatments for severe bone trauma and related complications. 

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