General Surgery

Comprehensive Surgical Care

General surgeons operate on conditions affecting the torso or abdomen. They are highly-skilled specialists with a wide range of medical expertise. If you need general surgery, choose Sanford Health for comprehensive procedures that put your needs first.

Our team is with you every step of the way, from planning your procedure to supporting you during your postoperative care. We’ll partner with you to meet your health goals.


Our General Surgery Procedures

We offer these procedures:


Surgical Care Focused on You

We provide advanced surgeries that give you better outcomes, safer procedures and a faster recovery. Many of our operations are minimally invasive procedures, also called laparoscopic or keyhole surgeries. Surgeons make a series of small cuts instead of one long cut to operate. They use surgical instruments and cameras on long rods to operate through the small cuts. These procedures lead to less scarring, reduced pain and a shortened recovery time.

Robotic surgery is a minimally invasive option that uses technology to operate. General surgeons work a computer-enhanced system that operates on the patient with robotic instruments. The physician gets a 3D, magnified view, so they can be more precise while working.

Whenever possible, you’ll have same day surgery. These procedures eliminate the need for an overnight hospital stay. Instead, you’ll come in the morning, have your procedure and go home later that day.


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At Sanford Health, you can get care close to home from surgeons you trust. Explore clinics in your area with general surgery services.

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