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Robotic surgeries are minimally invasive procedures that use small 3D cameras and dime-sized instruments. These instruments require only quarter-inch incisions to work. Your surgeon will sit at a console in the operating room and get a 360-view of the operating field through the camera. Surgeons control the small instruments to perform more precise operations.

This technology offers a variety of benefits for patients. Patients can experience less scarring and recover faster than with traditional operations.

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Robotic-Assisted Procedures

A growing number of surgeries use robotic technologies. Common technologies include the da Vinci Surgical System, the Mako system and ROSA robotic-assisted surgery.

Available surgeries include:

Robotic surgeons can perform general surgery, complex cardiac operations, head and neck surgery, brain operations, gynecologic procedures, orthopedic surgery and urological procedures. Services vary by location.

Benefits of Robotic Surgery

Since these surgeries only use small incisions, you may recover faster over a shorter hospital stay and experience less pain and scarring. The technique can also cause less trauma to the body and has a lower risk of infection.

Robotic surgery is more accurate and precise than traditional operations. It gives surgeons a greater range of motion and better access to the area they’re operating on. With 3D cameras, they get a 360-degree view and see a highly-magnified, high-resolution image.

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Available robotic technologies vary by location, but can include:

  • Da Vinci Surgical System (including Si and Xi systems)
  • Globus’ Excelsius GPS
  • Mako Robotic System
  • Medtronic Mazor Surgical System
  • ROSA robotic technology

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