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Your liver is the only organ in your body that can heal itself by growing new cells. You still need to take care of your liver, as too much scarring can be irreparable. Keep your liver healthy with low-fat diets, regular exercise and alcohol avoidance.

Even if you live a healthy lifestyle, liver disease can strike. Turn to Sanford Health’s expert hepatologists to help you manage liver disease and its symptoms. We have a full time, fellowship-trained hepatologist on staff to give you access to the highest quality of care. 

We offer treatment options for a variety of conditions. Some diseases can be corrected or treated through surgery, while some have non-surgical treatment options. Our liver specialists are here to help navigate you through your care.


Conditions We Treat

Liver disease can have several causes. Viruses, chemical abuse and genes are the most common. No matter your illness, Sanford Health’s liver doctors will guide you through your options, from diagnosis to treatment to recovery.

We treat:

  • Cirrhosis: Liver cirrhosis is a chronic condition that causes liver scarring or failure. Treatment depends on what caused the condition.
  • Fatty liver disease: When excess fat builds up in the liver. Fatty liver disease can have no symptoms but can progress into a more serious condition such as cirrhosis or liver failure.
  • Hepatitis: An inflammation of the liver caused by a virus. Some forms are mild, others more serious. Find treatment for all types of hepatitis at Sanford Health.
  • Liver failure: You can lose liver function suddenly (acute) or slowly (chronic). Usually, you can fight liver failure with lifestyle changes and medication.

The liver experts at Sanford Health offer comprehensive treatment of liver conditions. We’ll work with you to fight your disease with the most advanced technologies and techniques.

It is important for your doctor to know the severity of your condition. At Sanford Health, you don’t have to undergo an invasive liver biopsy. We’ll use FibroScan, a quick and painless ultrasound test, to assess liver damage. This test can be repeated as often as necessary and gives hepatologists insight into treatment options.


Comprehensive Digestive Health Care

Your liver is one part of your digestive system. If you’re experiencing problems with other organs in your digestive tract, your liver specialist is a single phone call away from another expert. When you come to Sanford Health for liver or gastrointestinal help, you’re connecting to an entire network of care.

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