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Urgent Care, Acute Care and Walk-In Services

When you need care for sudden illnesses or injuries, walk in for urgent care and be seen today. Urgent care gives you convenient access to care when you need to be seen right away, but your condition is not a medical emergency.

In the ER, those with critical conditions are treated first. This can create longer wait times for those with less serious conditions. Urgent, acute and walk-in care locations offer faster, more affordable treatment for minor illnesses and injuries.

Sanford Health accepts most insurance plans.

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We treat patients of all ages, from children to adults and seniors. Our team of providers can diagnose and treat your symptoms with no appointment needed or refer you to additional services. At some Sanford Health locations, you also have access to pediatric and orthopedic urgent care experts who provide specialized care.

Virtual Visit Options

Get care from anywhere by starting a virtual visit. Using My Sanford Chart, you can connect with a provider 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our virtual care options include e-visits and on-demand video visits. 

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Urgent Care FAQs

Does urgent care provide X-rays?

Most Sanford Health urgent care, acute care and walk-in locations offer X-ray services. However, there are a few locations that don’t.

Can I get stitches at urgent care?

Yes. Our providers can perform minor stitches for injuries.

Where should I go for STD testing?

Most Sanford Health urgent care, acute care and walk-in locations offer sexually transmitted disease testing. You can also schedule a visit with your primary care provider.

How much does urgent care cost?

The cost of each visit varies. You may need different tests or services depending on your illnesses or injury. Talk to your insurance provider about your plan details. Sanford Health accepts most major insurance plans.

Can I get lab tests at urgent care?

Most Sanford Health locations offer laboratory services. At some locations, patients can walk in and get labs completed for orders placed by their provider.

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