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Integrative medicine is an evidence-based, patient-centered and holistic approach to health care. Choose Sanford Integrative Health for care that looks beyond your diagnosis to treat you as a whole person.

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Integrative Medicine Therapies

You’ll partner with board-certified providers to create a treatment plan that meets your health goals. Your plan will be based on your medical history, current lifestyle and supplements. Our complementary medicine services are often used in conjunction with traditional medicine.

Our services also help hospitalized patients let go of their pain, worry, stress and fear. We work to ease the tensions of a hospital stay by focusing on your mental and spiritual health as well as your physical health.

We offer:

Acupressure: We’ll apply physical pressure to specific points on the body to provide relief from stress-related ailments.

AcupunctureAcupuncture is a safe and effective treatment. It involves inserting thin needles into specific points along pathways on the body. The therapy resets cell signaling, calms the nervous system and relaxes the body.

Aromatherapy: The aroma of essential oils can help improve emotional and physical well-being. You will receive an oil based on your needs. We have oils for patients looking to curb their nausea or headaches, feel more energized, relax and more.

Deep breathing exercises: Deep breathing exercises are techniques that bring your body into a state of deep relaxation. Studies have shown deep, mindful breathing has many health benefits, including relieving stress.

Guided imagery and meditationOur guided imagery and meditation providers will help bring your mind to a place of deep quiet and stillness. The therapy focuses on releasing worries and anxiety. Learn more about the health benefits of meditation.

Healing arts: Our art program is designed to help you find relief from stress, a distraction from fear and an avenue for expression through various forms of art.

Healing Touch/Reiki: Healing Touch and Reiki therapies activate your natural energy to improve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and healing. These therapies use hands-on, light or off-body touch to help clear energy blockages and balance the energetic flow of body, mind and spirit.

Journaling for healingYou’ll use journaling techniques, prompts and exercises to strengthen your resilience. Learn how journaling can help during difficult times.

MassageThis therapy uses physical manipulation to help relieve the body of stress and tension.

Mindfulness: Being aware of the present moment can help increase your sense of well-being. Learn how mindfulness can help health care workers during challenging times and try out these techniques yourself.

Music therapyMusic therapy uses music to promote mental, physical or emotional health. Take a peek into the life of a music therapist during a pandemic.

Osteopathic manipulative medicine: Hands-on osteopathic manipulative therapy reduces pain, swelling and illness. It can also improve your general wellness. This therapy uses physical manipulation of the muscles and joints to diagnose, treat or prevent illnesses and injuries.

YogaYoga is the practice of uniting your breath and movement. It helps alleviate physical and mental tension. New to yoga? Try these three easy poses.

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Complementary Medicine and Cancer Care

Cancer doctors are starting to explore the benefits of nontraditional medicine for their patients. Integrative health therapies can alleviate stress and other harmful symptoms when used alongside conventional medicine.

Sanford Health offers an integrative health course designed just for cancer survivors. Learn more and enroll.

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