Postpartum Support

Healing After Childbirth

The first six weeks after delivering your baby is called the postpartum period. It’s your time to recover, heal and transition into parenting. Let Sanford Women’s be your partner in recovery. We’re here to offer support and resources to help you heal.

Taking Care of Yourself

During the postpartum period, you’ll need plenty of rest and good nutrition to help you recover. Make sure you’re getting support from your partner, family or friends. Talk to your doctor about what you can expect after being discharged from the hospital.

In addition to physical changes, the postpartum period also brings emotional changes. It’s normal to feel a bit of the “baby blues” after delivery, which can include feeling disappointed, sad, irritable or anxious. These feelings can occur suddenly in the days following delivery. They often go away soon after they start without treatment.

Postpartum depression is different from the baby blues. This serious condition occurs when these negative feelings last longer and are more severe. Take the postpartum depression risk assessment to learn your risk level. Talk to your provider if you’re concerned about depression or significant mood changes after childbirth. Together, you’ll find a treatment that works best for you, which often includes a combination of therapy and medication.

Postpartum Clinic Visits

You’ll have a follow-up visit with your provider to discuss your recovery at two to six weeks after birth. During the visit, your provider may perform a pelvic exam, check your incision if you had a cesarean section and discuss your mood and other potential issues. This visit is your time to talk about lingering questions and concerns about your health and your baby’s health.

If you need help finding a primary care provider, explore your options with the Sanford Women’s Wellness Guide Program. We’ll help you find the right provider for your health needs.

Classes & Events Near You

Find support from other new parents and learn more about how to heal during the postpartum period at our classes and events. Explore available women’s health classes on nutrition, physical activity, emotional wellness and more.

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