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PsychOncology Care

A cancer diagnosis can be extremely difficult and life changing. It is often stressful and this stress negatively impacts recovery and quality of life. Sadness, worry, depression, and guilt are common. Addressing these emotional factors is extremely important for recovery and the overall well-being of patients.

At Roger Maris Cancer Center, the Psychoncology team is an integral part of the treatment team with the goal of assessing patients and assisting them to cope with their diagnosis and treatment, manage stress, and improve overall well-being.

Cancer patients can also face practical barriers, including issues with transportation, lodging, and finances. The rural nature of our area affects the availability of resources. There are some communities that offer assistance through public transportation and/or their local senior center. If an individual receives medical assistance there may be resources through county social services to help with these concerns. In addition, the American Cancer Society (ACS) partners with local hotels for lodging, if individuals meet the criteria to utilize the service.

The financial cost of treatment is also a concern for patients and families. Sanford offers a Financial Assistance Program for persons who have no health insurance, or are underinsured, to help offset the cost of treatment. Sanford Patient Financial Services are available to assist in the application process.

Our Psychoncology team can assist patients to coordinate with any of the support services mentioned above.