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What if your body could heal itself?

Sanford Health’s physicians and researchers are trying to learn just that. They are studying a regenerative medicine process that uses stem cells found in your stomach fat to heal your own body.

The specific stem cells Sanford’s team is focused on are called adipose stem cells. These stem cells exist in children and adults – NOT embryos. They hope to learn if these cells can heal rotator cuff injuries and non-healing wounds (pressure ulcers, surgical wounds, burns, etc.) with this therapy.

Sanford is currently working with the FDA to develop clinical trials to study the effectiveness of these cells in healing.

Adipose Stem Cell Therapy 

Researchers at Sanford Health are working toward a clinical trial to learn if adult stem cells found in our stomach fat – adipose stem cells - have the capability to heal.

The process is simple and poses very little risk to our patients. 

  1. A small amount of fat is taken from the abdomen.
  2. The stem cells were separated from the fat cells and then washed.
  3. Those same stem cells are injected back into the specific spot on the patient’s body in need of repair.
  4. Same-day procedure in one location from start to finish.
  5. Treatment takes approximately one hour.

Clinical Trials

Sanford Research is working with the FDA to develop a series of clinical trials to study the use of adipose stem cell therapy to repair rotator cuff tears and heal non-healing wounds right here in Sioux Falls, SD.

Sanford offers first FDA-approved adipose stem cell therapy trial in the U.S. for rotator cuff tears

Researchers at Sanford Health have launched a revolutionary clinical trial to learn if adult stem cells found in stomach fat – adipose stem cells - have the capability to heal small and partial thickness rotator cuff tears.

Under the guidance of the FDA, we can appropriately study the impact adipose stem cells have on the body’s ability to heal this type of shoulder injury. Current treatment options in the U.S. are limited, but findings from this study could lead to a new option that is less invasive with a faster recovery.

See our small and partial tear rotator cuff trial infographic here.

Call (877) 652-1839 to ask about enrolling in this trial.

Press Release

Sanford World Clinic

Sanford World Clinic is working with ISAR Klinikum, a modern, highly regarded hospital in the heart of Munich, Germany, to offer adipose stem cell therapy to patients today. 

In Europe, this therapy is a standard treatment option and is available for our patients with orthopedic and sports injuries, chronic neck and back pain and non-healing wounds. 

Sanford World Clinic offers concierge services to Germany for treatment, with follow-up care offered at Sanford Orthopedics & Sports Medicine locations. To find out if you are a candidate for these procedures, visit with your physician. 

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