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Sanford Sports Complex

Sanford Health believes in investing in wellness opportunities in communities we serve. It's part of our mission of health and healing.

Sanford Pentagon

The Sanford Pentagon is a 160,000-square-foot facility that includes nine basketball courts (six high school regulation, two professional/college practice courts and the "heritage" court). While the entire facility features modern design and amenities, the heritage court located in the center of the building is a premium NBA/college size court with design inspiration reminiscent of 1950's/1960's basketball. The Pentagon is the epicenter of the Sanford Sports Complex. The Sanford Pentagon opened in the Fall of 2013.

Sanford Fieldhouse at the Sanford Sports Complex

Sanford Fieldhouse is the premier indoor sports facility for local, regional and national athletic training, sports, physical therapy, sports leagues and Sanford POWER programs. Athletes of all ages and abilities enjoy 62,000 square feet of professional grade Field Turf®, state-of-the-art facilities, full amenity locker rooms. The purpose of the Fieldhouse is to make sports and fitness an integral part of staying healthy.

Sanford POWER

Sanford POWER offers evidence and ground-based sports training designed to maximize performance and reduce the risk of injury. It offers individual training as well as a variety of sport-specific academies.

Sanford Sports Medicine

Sanford Fieldhouse is home to Sanford Sports Medicine Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Outreach. Sanford POWER physical therapists help clients get back to an active lifestyle following a sports injury, trauma or surgery. The state-of-the-art programs and equipment make sure it's safe for clients to return to performance.

Athletic trainers with Sanford Sports Medicine Outreach work with individual athletes and team to help them train, improve conditioning, prevent injury and maximize performance. The certified athletic trainers are well-known for their work with athletes and area schools, colleges and professional teams.

Facts about the Fieldhouse

Address: 2215 W. Pentagon Place, 57107
Near the Intersection of Westport Ave. and Benson Rd.
Phone: 605-312-7800

  • 85,000 Square Feet
  • 62,000 Square Feet of Field Turf®: 97 yards by 64 yards
    Divided into four quadrants for multiple activities at one time: 47 yards by 32 yard each
  • Home of:
    • Sanford POWER Athletic Enhancement
    • Sanford Sports Physical Therapy
    • Sanford Sports Medicine Outreach
      • Sanford POWER skills academies
      • Sanford POWER Riggs Premier Football Academy
    • Sanford POWER Baseball Academy
    • Dakota Alliance Soccer – Winter indoor training facility
    • Multiple indoor adult sporting leagues
      • Flag football
      • Coed wiffle ball
      • Coed kick ball
      • Ultimate Frisbee
      • Soccer
    • Four batting cages
    • Professional services of the Sanford Sports Science Institute
    • Field rental opportunities

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