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Tuition and Financial Aid

Students must continue to be enrolled and pay tuition each semester to their college or university of attendance during their two years in the program. This includes both summer terms. All policies regarding payment must be paid according to the college or university of attendance.

Minot State University students must pay summer tuition directly to Sanford Health, which amounts to approximately $1,200–$1,400 per summer.

Financial Aid

The Sanford Radiography Program does not administer student financial aid programs. All financial aid arrangements must be made through the students' college of attendance.

Refund Policies

Any student who withdraws or is dismissed from the program must abide by any tuition refund policies according to his/her college of attendance. No refund will be given for textbooks or any other costs associated with the Radiography Program.

Additional Expenses

Housing and Transportation

All students are responsible for their own housing and transportation to and from the hospital.


Textbooks for the two years will be purchased by the faculty. Students receive them at the start of each year. Book fees are due annually on November 1. The total cost of books for the two years is approximately $1,000–$1,200.

Additional Expenses

Junior year expenses
Books $600
Thyroid collar $60
Scrubs/shoes $300
Total $960
Senior year expenses
Books $500
Review book $50
Online review $80
Application for Boards $200
Total $830

Students are required to purchase a thyroid collar. This will be discussed with the student when they start the program. Information will be sent to the student in the summer regarding ordering scrubs and purchasing shoes.

The amounts listed above are estimates and are subject to change.

What I like best about being in the program here are the instructors. Since my hometown is about 500 miles away from Bismarck, it's really awesome to have such caring instructors. They go out of their way to make sure you understand the material and are open to talk whenever you need to.

-Emily, North Dakota State University student