Sanford Sons and Daughters

Benefits for the Next Generation of Providers

Sanford Sons & Daughters gives future physicians the opportunity to learn from some of the region's most innovative minds in health care today.

The program is open to those who have a parent or other family member employed by Sanford Health and who have been accepted into medical school, or at any time during their medical school training, residency or fellowship. Participants in the Sanford Sons & Daughters program will receive one or more of the following:

  • Informational resources: Candidates will have the opportunity to explore specialties, specific areas of projected physician need and research opportunities within Sanford.
  • Mentorship: Qualified candidates will be paired with a current Sanford physician and/or researcher who will function as their mentor.
  • Financial Support: Sanford may provide financial support to candidates, which could include assistance during medical training, and a retention incentive loan when candidates begin their employment with Sanford. 

After being chosen to participate in Sanford Sons & Daughters, you have a place within our family. The program gives you the opportunity to begin your career with our world-class health care organization, but in a comfortable environment close to your support network of family and friends.

View the program brochures:

To learn more about the Sanford Sons & Daughters program, call (866) 312-3907 or complete the form.

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