Nurse Residency Program

Nurse Residency Program

The Sanford Health Nurse Residency Program is an evidence-based program designed to provide personal and professional support to new graduate nurses. Through our partnership, nurse residents will develop professional relationships and resources needed to thrive in their new positions and successfully transition from student nurse to professional registered nurse.

The program will provide nurse residents with strategies for personal growth and well-being while also developing their clinical judgment and leadership skills. The 12-month program is offered in association with Vizient/AACN Nurse Residency Program™.

Sanford Health offers this program three times each year. The program start date and cohort assignment depend on the employment start date.

Qualifying Nurse

New graduate registered nurse* transitioning from the role of student nurse to professional registered nurse and for the international registered nurse newly licensed in the United States.

* A nurse who has graduated from an accredited school of nursing (associates degree, diploma, bachelor’s degree or master’s degree) and who has less than 12 months of experience.


Qualifying nurses with less than 12 months of RN experience who accept a position as a registered nurse in a participating facility will be automatically enrolled in the program. A separate application for the Sanford Health Nurse Residency Program is not required.

Monthly Seminars

The monthly seminars are an important part of the Nurse Residency Program. Residents will be placed with a group of peers based on employment start date. Nurse residents are required to attend a monthly, four-hour seminar that serves as a check-in between the resident, the cohort peers, educators and leaders who serve in the role of facilitator.

Each monthly seminar includes a focused discussion topic, time to reflect on clinical experiences and an opportunity to collaborate with peers on evidence-based practice (EBP) initiatives.

Program Outcomes

Throughout the Nurse Residency Program, we will work to build on the student experience and promote the professional aspects of nursing. Participation in the Nurse Residency Program will:

  • Support the transition from the role of student nurse to professional registered nurse.
  • Promote the development of professional relationships across the interdisciplinary team. 
  • Strengthen self-confidence and competence in the ability to provide leadership at the point of care. 
  • Foster professional growth and personal satisfaction through individual development plans. 
  • Improve knowledge of policies, procedures and resources.
  • Enhance understanding of EBP through direct application in the care environment.

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