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Thinking About Baby and Prenatal Service


At the Mom2Be Center, we can offer you a variety of prenatal services that fit your needs as an expectant mother or as a women thinking about becoming pregnant.


Childbirth Preparation Classes

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B4 Baby: Open House Events

If you are thinking about a baby, the Mom2Be Center can help you prepare. Attend a free, informal open house style event for you and your partner to learn about the important physical, emotional and practical considerations before becoming pregnant. You can also take an optional tour of the Birth Place. Call (605) 328-7140 or register online today.


Mom2Be Pregnancy Coaching

Whether you are thinking about having a baby or are already pregnant, Sanford Women's Mom2Be Center provides the support and encouragement you need with our pregnancy coaching services. Our pregnancy coaches:

  • Are registered nurses with specialized training in educating expectant mothers
  • Provide you with one-on-one sessions in a private, personalized setting
  • Help you design your health and well-being plan as you go through your pregnancy journey
  • Find answers to your pregnancy questions and resources to meet your needs
  • Provide you a personal Mom2Be Pregnancy Journey Journal


First Prenatal Care Visit

Expectant moms have an opportunity to have an individualized visit with a nurse educator and a Nurse Practitioner to receive updated information regarding early stages of pregnancy as well as what to expect throughout the pregnancy journey.



CenteringPregnancy brings together moms-to-be with similar due dates for group prenatal support, education and health care services. Throughout the course of ten, two-hour sessions, participants have their own personal health assessment and then meet for education and group discussion. Topics include breastfeeding, nutrition and childbirth as well as other pregnancy-related issues.