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Sanford Mom2Be Center

Sanford Mom2Be Center

Sanford Mom2Be Center in Sioux Falls offers childbirth classes to help mom and every member of the family prepare for a baby. We have sessions for first-time moms and experienced parents. We offer classes on labor, expecting multiples and helping you prepare for delivery. For newborn and parenting resources, click here.

Find the right class for your family’s needs and preregister today. Call the Sanford Mom2Be Center at (605) 328-7140 or email to learn more and sign up.

Our Mom2Be Classes

Birthing with Confidence: All Day Saturday
You and your family are busy, especially with a baby on the way. Learn everything you need to know about childbirth in a one-day session. Take the Birthing with Confidence: All Day Session from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on a Saturday. This class is packed with important information about the birthing process.

Birthing with Confidence: 2 Week Series
In the Birthing with Confidence: 2 Week Series, educators teach parents how to take an active role in the childbirth process. After the sessions, you and your labor partner will be able to make informed choices about your care during labor.

Birthing with Confidence: eClass
This package includes an online course that you can access at any time and complete at your own pace. In the Birthing with Confidence: eClass you will learn about your third trimester, the labor process, pain management options, labor support, and medical procedures through instructive video clips, animations, quizzes and PDF downloads all from the comfort of your own home.

Marvelous Multiples
For women expecting multiple babies, the Marvelous Multiples one-on-one session is for you. Discuss your concerns and questions about your pregnancy with a childbirth specialist. You’ll talk about the labor and birth process, common complications, warning signs and more.

In Hypnobirthing® class, expecting women will learn relaxation techniques to help them overcome negative feelings during labor. You’ll learn how to beat feelings of fear, tension and pain during childbirth through patient-guided imagery, visualization and special breathing techniques.

The Birth Place Tours
Take a tour of The Birth Place. Check upcoming dates or watch a virtual tour.

B4 Baby
Sanford Women’s is here to help you prepare for a baby at our free B4 Baby open house events. Meet with a team of experts to get your pregnancy questions answered. You’ll learn about labor and delivery, nutrition, provider options and life with baby in the one hour and 30 minute class. Learn more and register.