Maternal Fetal Medicine

Specialists in High-Risk Pregnancy

If your pregnancy comes with complications, Sanford Maternal Fetal Medicine can help.

We're here to help moms and babies during and after high-risk pregnancies. Sanford Maternal Fetal Medicine, also known as perinatology, specializes in the advanced care you need during the time around childbirth.

We provide a variety of services:

What is high-risk pregnancy?

High-risk pregnancy means you have one or more complications that could affect your health, your baby’s health, or likelihood for early delivery. Your doctor might recommend seeing a maternal fetal medicine specialist (MFM) if you:

  • Are age 17 or younger
  • Are age 35 or older
  • Were underweight or overweight before becoming pregnant
  • Are pregnant with twins, triplets or other multiples
  • Have high blood pressure, diabetes, depression or another health problem
  • Have had problems with previous pregnancies, including multiple miscarriages, premature labor or having a child with a genetic problem or birth defect 

What to expect at your consultation

Your consultation with a maternal fetal medicine specialist will depend on you and your baby’s health needs. You may consult with an MFM once or frequently. 

The specialist usually works with your obstetrician, family doctor or nurse-midwife caring for you during your pregnancy to create a care plan for you and your baby. If needed, he or she will also work with other specialists who are taking care of you, and with neonatologists and other doctors ready to care for your newborn after birth.

At Sanford Health, your pregnancy navigators will guide you through scheduling your appointments, seeing the right specialists and helping you understand costs. In addition to seeing our team, you can continue prenatal care with your own obstetrician close to home.


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