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Computer Assisted Surgery

Sanford Health offers an exciting option in joint replacement surgery—computer assisted surgery. Alignment is critical to get the best wear and performance from the tires on your car—the same principle applies to your body. Computer assisted surgery brings together the proven benefits of minimally invasive surgery with computer-guided implant placement to virtually eliminate implant misalignments and significantly reduce overall recovery times.

Benefits of computer assisted surgery:

  • Faster return to an active lifestyle
  • Longer lasting knee and hip implants
  • Smaller incision, smaller scar
  • Precise implant placement
  • Fewer complications

How does computer assisted surgery work?

Computer assisted surgery works like a global positioning system, or GPS, in your car by using fixed locations in the body that vary from patient to patient, since everyone's makeup is different.

Before beginning the procedure, the surgeon helps the computer locate specific anatomical landmarks and take critical measurements of the patient's anatomy. Once the computer has this information, it can track the precise position of the patient's body, the implant and the surgeon's instruments at all times during the procedure.

The surgeon still performs the surgery; computer assisted surgery simply puts all the information together for a more precise alignment.

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