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Couplet Care

At Sanford Bemidji Medical Center, we want to give new moms and babies the best start possible in life. To do this, we provide couplet care.

Couplet care means your baby will stay with you throughout your entire hospital stay unless it’s not medically possible. Having your baby with you more at the beginning of his or her life promotes stronger family bonding and attachment, plus will help better prepare you and your family for your new life when you return home. You’ll learn about your baby’s sleeping and eating patterns, breathing sounds, and all the care required to take care of your newborn and make you feel more confident about your abilities as a parent.

Couplet care is also beneficial for your newborn. Studies show that babies who remain with their mothers cry less, have lower blood pressure, pulses and respirations, have more stable temperatures, and greater breastfeeding success.

Another feature of couplet care is that you and your baby will have the same nurse. The nurses who provide couplet care are specially trained to offer the best in care for both of you. Having the same nurse means there will be enhanced teaching opportunities with you and your family as to how best to care for your baby.

Couplet Care Promotes Breastfeeding

Keeping mom and baby together promotes bonding and gives additional opportunities for early breastfeeding, which is key to success.


Couplet Care Gives Mom and Baby the Same Nurse

Couplet care nurses are trained to care for both mom and baby. They observe mom and baby together and can offer expert assistance and advice.