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Psychosocial health at Sanford Cancer Center

At Sanford Cancer Center in Sioux Falls, we understand the stress that cancer can create for patients and their families. That is why we offer psychosocial health services; to help with the social, emotional, and practical concerns associated with diagnosis and treatment.

Our masters level social workers are specially trained to assess the unique strengths and needs of each patient. With compassion and understanding, our care team will work with the patient and his or her family to provide comprehensive support services; which may include:

  • Education and/or interventions to help manage anxiety, depression, or stress
  • Techniques for coping with diagnosis, fatigue, insomnia, pain and fear
  • Recommendations and support for improving health habits
  • Referrals to Cancer Center, Sanford Health and community resources
Working together, we ensure that each patient adapts to life with cancer, with the highest quality possible.

For more information, please call (605) 328.8000.