Our Customer Survey

Patient Satisfaction Surveys and Star Ratings

You may receive a survey from us by phone, email or mail through our survey provider, NRC Health.

Not all patients receive a survey. If you receive one, we encourage you to participate. This is your opportunity to tell us what we did well and how we can do better. Your voice guides us.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

What questions do we ask?

Sanford Health uses different types of surveys depending on whether the patient was seen in the hospital, a clinic or another outpatient setting. The surveys ask a variety of questions about key aspects of providing a quality patient experience, such as doctor communication and how well we listened to your concerns.

What do we do with the survey responses?

Sanford Health regularly monitors survey feedback. We use the data to report to our teams and acknowledge the great work they do while identifying opportunities for improvement. Many improvement projects at Sanford Health are driven by the feedback we receive from these surveys. We also use this data to create the doctor star ratings that appear on the “Find a Doctor" portion of our website.

How is the doctor's patient satisfaction star rating created?

When you search our "Find a Doctor" page, you may notice the star ratings. These star ratings are based on feedback that patients have given the doctor via previous survey responses. The star rating is created from the responses to five of the questions found on our clinic survey.

Do you post all comments?

We are committed to posting positive and negative feedback. However, we do not post comments that are libelous, profane or risk the privacy of our patients. Of all doctor comments received in the last year, 99.5% have been posted unedited.

Why don't we see patient ratings and comments for every doctor?

This may be because:

  • The doctor does not have at least 30 received surveys, which is the amount we consider to be significant to provide a true display of patient satisfaction.
  • The doctor may not work in a clinic, which means their patients would not receive the survey we use to calculate this rating.

How is patient information protected?

Privacy matters to us. Any parts of reviews that contain private health information or identifying information will not be displayed.