Pregnancy Support

Support Before, During & After Pregnancy

Choose Sanford Women’s for the support you need planning for a baby, during pregnancy and after childbirth. Partner with the experts for help throughout your pregnancy journey.

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Planning for a Baby

B4 Baby is a free, informal, open-house event for you and your partner to learn what you need to know before becoming pregnant. You also can take an optional tour of the birth center as part of the class.

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During Pregnancy

If you’d like one-on-one support, partner with a pregnancy navigator. Pregnancy navigators are registered nurses with special training in educating expectant mothers. They can help you design your health plan, answer questions throughout your pregnancy and prepare you for labor and delivery.

To learn more, contact Sanford Women’s:

You also can join childbirth classes, including CenteringPregnancy. This class connects you with other moms-to-be with similar due dates for group prenatal support.

Postpartum Support

Once baby has arrived, you have access to newborn care and breastfeeding services for new moms. This includes breastfeeding classes and access to our lactation consultants – no appointment needed. Explore breastfeeding resources.

The first six weeks after delivering your baby is your time to recover and transition into parenting. Learn more about postpartum support at Sanford Women’s.


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    Breastfeeding Beginnings

    Tue 06/06/23 6:30 PM - Tue 06/06/23 9:00 PM
    Sanford South University

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    New Baby and Me

    Thu 06/08/23 2:00 PM - Thu 06/08/23 3:00 PM
    CHILD Services