Cancer Survivorship

Cancer Survivors: Find the Support You Need

You’re a survivor from the moment you’re diagnosed. Cancer survivorship helps you and your loved ones feel connected, educated and empowered with the support you need.

Sanford Health offers survivorship resources that can help you:

  • Cope with the long-term physical and emotional effects of treatment
  • Manage your risk for recurrence
  • Address social and financial concerns
  • Find support and community resources
  • Improve your quality of life

Support Groups and Beyond

You’re not alone. We provide opportunities to meet and engage with other survivors. Experience how powerful it can be to connect with others who’ve gone through cancer. 

Explore cancer survivorship programs and support groups.

From annual retreats to cancer symposiums to screening clinics, explore the events we offer in your area.

Find a cancer survivorship class or event near you.


Integrative Medicine

The side effects of cancer treatment can be challenging. Sanford Health offers a variety of integrative therapies that can help you deal with everything from nausea to anxiety.

Integrative medicine can include acupuncture, yoga, massage, journaling and more. Ask your cancer provider about the integrative resources and strategies available to you.

Learn more about integrative health.

Take the Integrative Essentials course for cancer survivors.


Sanford Cancer Survivorship Community

Find a community on Facebook for those affected by cancer. These groups are moderated by experts in cancer care and are a resource for anyone looking for understanding, community and support.

Join us on Facebook to connect with other survivors:


Your Survivorship Plan

A cancer diagnosis is life-changing. We offer support for social, emotional and other concerns related to diagnosis and treatment. Services include:

Talk to a member of your care team to learn more.

You’ll also receive a personal survivorship plan to smooth your transition from cancer care to everyday life. Your oncologist or surgeon will work with you to establish what’s next for your care. A survivorship plan outlines your follow-up care, action items, screenings and future exams.


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