Sanford Cancer Cancer Treatment Center Bismarck ND

Sanford Cancer Center Bismarck

Sanford Cancer Center Bismarck

We know that the time following a cancer diagnosis is traumatic for the patient and family. It's important to us to be your ally in the fight against cancer and to provide the peace of mind you need.

While your own family physician may continue to care for the other needs you may have before and after your cancer treatment, our facility's computer system helps our physicians use the same medical record for you as much as possible to avoid repeating lab work or X-rays.

Our cancer patients are able to have all of their needs met at the Sanford Cancer Center in Bismarck because we are the only health care provider in the region with a comprehensive cancer program, ranging from surgery and radiation to chemotherapy and rehabilitation.

As well as comprehensive cancer care, our center offers hematology services as well. Our hematologists treat bleeding and clotting disorders. Your blood disorder need not be related to cancer to seek treatment for it here.

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