Bismarck Volunteer Opportunities

Give Your Time as a Sanford Health Volunteer

Sanford Bismarck is eagerly looking for individuals interested in giving back to their community. Our volunteers serve with the same mission, vision and values as our employees. They’re dedicated people whose work benefits patients, their families and our medical teams.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Sanford Health. We appreciate your community spirit and look forward to welcoming you to our family of caregivers.

Requirements and Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to find employment at Sanford Bismarck. Am I guaranteed a job by volunteering?

No. All employment is arranged through our human resources department.

Are there any opportunities in the evenings or on the weekends?

Yes, but opportunities are limited and usually fill up quickly due to their popularity. Look for or ask about volunteer opportunities with Sanford Bismarck that have evening or weekend availability if you’re restricted to those times.

Do you offer opportunities to shadow physicians or other medical staff?

We don’t currently offer shadowing opportunities.

How long does the application process take? Can I start right away?

The entire application process usually takes three to four weeks to complete. We highly encourage applicants to begin the process up to one month before they would like to begin volunteering.

How many hours do most volunteers work?

Most volunteers start out with a weekly two- to four-hour shift. Volunteers who are interested in picking up additional shifts should discuss their options with their coordinator. Both flexible and regular weekly scheduling are available.

I’m interested in working in a position where I can observe physicians working with patients. Is that possible?

Volunteers will not usually have the opportunity to observe physicians working with patients during their volunteer work.

I don’t see the position I’m interested in on the listing of opportunities. Can I request to volunteer in a department that isn’t listed?

Not every department has a need or the resources to accommodate volunteers. Only those listed can effectively use volunteers’ services.

I need to fulfill community service hours. Can I do that through Sanford Bismarck? What about court-ordered community service hours?

It depends. We can’t accept volunteers with misdemeanor or felony charges other than minor driving violations. Also, all volunteers must be able to fulfill the required six-month commitment regardless of the number of hours they need.

I only need 12 volunteer hours for a class. Do you have opportunities that would fulfill this requirement?

Unfortunately, no. We ask our volunteers for a six-month or 50-hour commitment. Check out Volunteer Bisman for short-term volunteer opportunities.

Will I need to pay for the required health screening?

No. All medical screenings involved with volunteering are covered if completed through our employee health services.