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Sanford Cancer Nurse Navigators in Sioux Falls

Finding out you have cancer can be a frightening experience. At Sanford Cancer Center in Sioux Falls, you’ll receive help from an oncology nurse navigator. This is a registered nurse who will work with you as you move through the health care system. Your navigator will help address any barriers to your care including financial, social and medical concerns so that you can remain focused on your health. He or she will provide a consistent voice and be a resource for you throughout all aspects of your care.

Your navigator can help you with any of the following:

  • Guidance through the health care system
  • Understanding your diagnosis and treatment
  • Directing you to available educational resources and supportive services
  • Finding answers to both insurance and financial concerns by connecting you to appropriate resources
  • Referral to a tumor board where cancer specialists will plan the best possible treatment to fit your specific needs
  • Coordinating appointments and transportation assistance
  • Providing the answers you need and helping you understand the information delivered
  • Offering support, guidance and instruction in cancer care
  • Making referrals to appropriate services such as nutrition, case management, medication assistance and financial counseling

To connect with a nurse navigator, call (605) 328-8000.