Primary Care Providers for the Whole Family

When you want your doctor to get to know your entire family, see Sanford Health’s family medicine providers. We provide primary care for people of all ages, from infants through seniors.

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Your family medicine team specializes in preventive care, plus diagnosing and managing chronic conditions. We offer:

  • Annual physicals 
  • Baby wellness
  • Diabetes management
  • Disease management
  • Geriatrics care
  • Gynecology services
  • High blood pressure care
  • Obstetrical services
  • Sports physicals
  • Urgent care
  • Vaccinations

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Many of our primary care locations also offer urgent care – for when you don’t need the ER, but you need to see a doctor right away.

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When you need more specialized care, we coordinate with other Sanford Health providers trained in a variety of areas including pediatrics, cardiology, behavioral health, oncology and surgery. And they will have access to your treatment history through My Sanford Chart, our electronic medical record system.

When to See a Primary Care Provider

1. Preventive health care. A primary care provider works with you to identify health care concerns before they turn into serious health problems.

2. Medical home. Your primary care provider is part of your medical home team. They know your health history, health concerns and treatment goals to provide continuity of care among specialists, services and therapies to bring the entire picture together.

3. Access to an integrated health care system. For times when you need a specialist, your primary care provider can refer you to other Sanford Health providers in the specialty you need.


Does Your Child Need a Sports Physical?

Most sports organizations require a sports physical before a student athlete can play. Sanford recommends getting one six months prior to the start of the season. During a sports physical, providers:

  • Check your child’s basic health
  • Look for cardiovascular or lung conditions (these can go unnoticed without a trained professional looking for them)
  • Answer questions
  • Recommend stretching routines or sports gear
  • Check the healing of past injuries
  • Educate the student on how to spot sports injuries, particularly concussions and head injuries

Contact your family medicine doctor about a sports physical.

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Family Medicine vs. Internal Medicine

You don’t have to be part of a family to see a family physician. But how do you choose between a family doctor and an internist? Both are primary care physicians who focus on total health, wellness and disease prevention. 

Choose a family medicine doctor if:

  • You want a primary care provider specializing in children and adults
  • You want one provider who can treat a variety of conditions, including sports injuries and women’s health needs
  • You want one doctor to know and treat the whole family
  • You want prenatal care and primary care for you and your baby

Choose an internal medicine doctor if:

  • You are 18 or older
  • You want a specialist in adult primary care 
  • You have been seeing a family care provider, but now you want a provider who only sees adults
  • You want a specialist in preventing, diagnosing and managing disease and chronic conditions

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