Sanford Executive Health Center Fargo

Sanford Executive Health Center Fargo

Your work is demanding and so is your schedule. When a company relies on your leadership, you have many responsibilities that need your energy and attention. Medical checkups can seem low-priority, but taking charge of your health and wellness helps you be at your productive best.

Get a one-day health assessment at Sanford Executive Health Center Fargo to protect your health.

This exclusive program gives you the highest quality medical care on a schedule that won’t interfere with your busy days. You’ll get a complete physical examination, preventive care and tests in a private setting. The entire program takes only one business day to meet all your medical needs.

Depending on your health care needs, you should have a physical every three, five or 10 years.

Prior to your visit, please fill out the form for your type of visit: 

We’ll tailor your health evaluation to your individual needs. Your assessment may include:


Tests, Screenings, and Consults

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Types of Care