Sanford Virtual Care

Sanford Virtual Care

In 2021, we announced a landmark Virtual Care Initiative as part of our commitment to transform health care for patients living in rural and underserved areas. By expanding our services in the places we call home, we’re living out our priority of being Here for All. Here for Good.

Virtual care makes it possible to see a provider or specialist wherever you are. The Virtual Care Initiative is taking access to the next level. Our expertise comes together with the latest technology to deliver more care options when, where and how you need them.

The Sanford Virtual Care Center

Based out of a flagship command center, the Sanford Virtual Care Center (VCC) is a part of our $350 million Virtual Care Initiative. The VCC offers a direct connection to our satellite clinics, giving patients the option to get the care they need in person with more resources and expertise available virtually.

The Innovation Center and Education Institute provides education and training opportunities to health care professionals across the region. We teach caregivers how to provide a seamless virtual care experience. The VCC also includes a dedicated space for teams focused on research and development.

Reimagining Healthcare