Sanford Children's North Clinic Walk-In & Acute Care Clinic Bismarck ND

Sanford Children’s North Clinic

Sanford Children’s North Clinic

Effective August 3, 2020
We’re adjusting our hours to help keep our team and patients safe and healthy. Our clinic hours will temporarily be:

  • 8 a.m.–Noon: Well child visits only
  • Noon–7 p.m.: Pediatric walk-in clinic and sick child visits

Sanford Health offers exceptional and personal children’s services in north Bismarck at Sanford Children’s North Clinic, a Castle of Care. As a Castle of Care, the Sanford Children’s North Clinic is a vibrant, colorful place where children can be comfortable and find inspiration, imagination and play to help them heal.

From annual checkups to vaccinations, Sanford Children’s North clinic offers:
  • Pediatrics
  • Pediatric specialty services
  • Walk-in
  • Well Baby Clinic

Walk in without an appointment for unexpected medical moments such as fevers, flus, sprains and more.

For more information, call (701) 323-3700.

Well Baby Clinic

Please call (701) 323-3783 to schedule and appointment.

 A registered nurse will weigh your baby and answer your questions. A certified lactation counselor will help you with any breastfeeding questions. All babies through age 1 are welcome.


Mother’s Milk Bank

Sanford Health is a proud member of the Mothers’ Milk Bank (MMB) network. We help serve as a Donation and Outreach Center. A Donation and Outreach Center (DOC) makes it easy for approved donors with extra milk to make a difference in babies’ lives. Women can conveniently donate excess milk to babies in their community.

The milk bank is a Colorado-based, nonprofit program helping women and babies nationwide by collecting, pasteurizing, analyzing and distributing human donor milk to nearly 160 hospitals in North Dakota and across the United States. It is one of the oldest and largest nonprofit milk banks in the nation. Women can deliver their frozen milk to the Well Baby Clinic at Sanford Children’s North Clinic to have it transported safely to the milk bank.

Women interested in learning more about donating can start the screening process by calling (303) 869-1888 or toll-free (833) 234-0555.

Sanford Children’s North Clinic Doctors