Sanford Bemidji Heart and Vascular Center

Sanford Bemidji Heart and Vascular Center

Life can change in an instant because of heart disease. At Sanford Bemidji Heart & Vascular Center, from the moment of emergency to the moment you celebrate a life-saving procedure, we are ready before you ever need us. If life hands you the unexpected, the team at Sanford Bemidji is here to help you.

At Sanford Bemidji, we are growing to meet the needs of our community. We are committed to bringing new facilities, broadened services and even better care. In January 2013 the region's only Heart & Vascular Center opened its doors at Sanford Bemidji Medical Center. Offering a comprehensive range of cardiology and vascular services, and now 24/7 Emergent STEMI Cardiac Care. Cardiac care isn't something that can wait. Creating this center with a dedicated cardiac cath suite and equipping it with the most advanced technologies enables Sanford Bemidji to save time and lives.


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